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When should I see a lawyer?

"It is not possible in this page to set out every circumstance under which you might require the services of a lawyer.

To prevent problems from occurring in the future, the most commonly recommended instances to consult a lawyer are:

  • Real estate transactions, such as buying or selling a house;
  • Making a will or planning your estate;
  • Family matters, such as divorce or adoption; and
  • Starting or buying a business.

After problems arise, you should consult a lawyer when:

  • You are arrested or accused of a crime;
  • A lawsuit is brought against you;
  • You are unable to resolve issues with a government agency, such as tax, immigration, social security, workers compensation or veteran's or pension benefits;
  • Someone does not satisfactorily perform work or services or fails to honor guarantees or warranties. These service providers could include professionals such as lawyers, accountants and doctors, as well as others; and
  • Someone refuses to pay you funds to which you believe you are entitled, or tries to collect funds you believe you don't owe.

Under appropriate circumstances, reputable bankers, accountants, real estate salespersons, tax firms, investment counselors, the Better Business Bureau, federal, state and local government agencies, and others can provide valuable assistance. The important thing is that you consult a lawyer if a lawyer can be of help.

Most lawyers have a fee for a first office visit that is within the financial means of most people. This visit does not obligate you to hire the lawyer."

The Alaska Bar Association


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